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   Cooling towers use instructions

1)elect well-ventilated and clean area for the erection. Avoid a dusty or acidic location. Especially the large amount of soot can cause cooling towers and piping and other equipment corrosion.

2)Placed in the building next to inlets should be enough to keep the distance (0.5-3.5m, according to model); if inhaled air lower than design, this will result in insufficient cooling capacity.  

3)placed in a pit wall, the hot and humid air should be vigilant against the return caused by heat failure,special circumstances may be considered cited wind devices;


 Attention to points when set the basis of the cooling tower

1)cooling tower part of the foundation online at the same level. The basis of the level a bit high or low of the occasion, please fill-chip adjustmen.

2)connecting rooms and plural occasions, make sure the room is no gap between.
3)the cooling tower Loaded on the basis, please fixed locking bolts basis. When Trial run, please re-confirm the basis of the locking bolts. On the basis of a steel frame, please locking steel bolts.

4)with anti-vibration mountings, make sure the foundation or a steel frame and anti-vibration mountings and cooling towers are locking, and anti-vibration mountings essentials assembly manual to confirm.

  Notes of piping and pump
1)When Install Piping, please do not correct of the cooling tower piping ontology or interface deformation and don’t processing cooling tower parts. Otherwise it will affect the structural strength of the cooling tower.
2)The piping, valves should be installed below the water level in the cooling tower, otherwise will inhalation of air when run the beginning, and when stop running, it will have a spillway.
3)The connection with cooling tower make full use of soft joints, so that only piping vibration will not affect the cooling tower.
4)Please assemble the valve in the piping. This can be easily cleaning cooling towers, is also available on the run stopped, as anti-freeze responses. In order to make easy to operate, please do not in cooling towers below the valve assembly.
5)Consider the placement of equipment, the pump head should be sufficient, consideration should be given along the way the pressure loss and cooling coil pressure loss;
6)cooling fluid pressure flange interface is designed to 1Mpa, all pipe hanger or support should be considered.

   Consider fluid (gas) compatibility

Closed cooling tower (evaporative condenser) required cooling fluid (gas), and cooling coil must be compatible, or will result in corrosion of coil or blasting. Refrigerants such as ammonia and brass are not compatible, saline alkaline and carbon steel pipe, brass non-compatibility.

  On the heat resistance temperature
Fill material is made of rigid polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC) ,high temperature deformation can caused water entry. Standard occasions, the use of the limit temperature of 45 ℃, in particular Please note that when work the trial run-off flow, high-temperature water. In addition, 45 ℃ or above, we have ready-filled heat-resistant material, invited asked.
in accordance with the set conditions of Cooling tower, sound values are slightly different. Has special noise requirements in the design selection to consider reasonable measures to reduce noise.

 Volume control

1) for more than running closed cooling tower (evaporative condensers), may change the number of towers to run;
2) for more than a typhoon tower machine can change the number of fans running;
3)change the operation of fan speed or variable frequency control;
4)changes in water spray.

  Spray system requirements

1)with closed cooling tower (evaporative cooling) operation, some water evaporation, minerals and other impurities left in water build-up in the sink,
so Must be checked water quality and sewage regular cleaning regularly, this will be better control of water and prevent scaling. General recommendations of the cleaning tank Once a week in summer , two weeks in winter;
2)Spray of water quality requirements: the light of GB50050-95 <industrial circulating cooling water treatment design specifications>, the areas where water quality is especially poor, should consider the purification (softening) treatment (specifically treatment can contact or consult ours).
3)Water spray to add:
Evaporation flow ≤ 0.8% + drift water rate ≤ 0.1% + emissions ≤ 0.3% = cycle flow of ≤ 1.2%
4)We should considered one of the following three methods to Antifreeze spray system:
① Setting interior insulation of water tanks, the tanks have enough capacity, when downtime ,it can be spray water all the back to set insulation.
② Set heater in the spray tank, generally use the immersion-type electric heater or steam injection hot coil;
③ system cease to function, clean spray water emissionly. 


1)Confined fluid system: Copper as a cooling coil may consider the whole can be closed or semi-closed; pipe as a cooling coil and must be closed the whole operation, expansion tank used to add fluid, gas pipe line can be the highest point to install an automatic exhaust valve, when gas pressure settings to reach gas valve to open automatically excluded. It  Can also manually exhaust retrofit devices, the same role.
2)Evaporative condenser cooling system should be noted that the system of non-condensable gas will significantly reduce the the effect of heat transfer and high pressure, therefore put air operations regularly, especially the refrigerator inspiratory pressure negative pressure of the cryogenic system. when the condensing pressure Significantly higher, it can be directly discharged Air at fast, closed the valve of pipe which connected with evaporative, open the emptying valve not through the air separator to separation, release a part of it after mixed air with refrigerant gas , until the pressure dropped to normal can be.

  System water
Closed circulating water system, should be consistent with the production process of water quality requirements, to be used in softened water, salt water or condensate water.

  Closed cooling tower cooling coil antifreeze problems
When low temperature in Northern winter, the system of circulating water confined in the absence of hot load conditions, even if the recycled water to maintain flow of ice phenomena also occur, there must be a proper measure of antifreeze, a general need to consider taking the following two ways:
① Let circulating water to maintain a certain heat load,ensure that the temperature of cycle water is not less than 7℃(3℃ in south area), to insure that heat load,generally electric heater can be set to bapass
pipe in piping system,at the same time maintain the smallset of cycle water in the closed system.
② It’s also can add the antifreeze in the closed syetem,such as Ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, it should be noted when add that it dosen’t work when add so little ,on the other side when add too much it impact the heat away for media.
We advice to use the first proposal. 

 Water quality control

To avoid the water quality-related troubles, water-quality control is required for circulating water (open-type), and for spray water (closed-type). The water suitable for cooling tower application is shown below for reference.


Circulating water
Make-up water
80 or less
30 or less
 Chloride Cl(mg C1- /l)
200 or less
50 or less
 Sulfate ion(mg SO42-/l)
200 or less
50 or less
Acid consumption[pH4.8](mg CaCO3/l)
100 or less
50 or less
Total hardness (mg CaCO3/l)
200 or less
70 or less
 Calcium hardness (mg CaCO3/l)
150 or less
50 or less
 Silica (mg SiO2/l)
50 or less
30 or less
 Iron Fe (mg Fe/l)
1.0 or less
0.3 or less
 Copper (mg Cu/l)
 Sulfide S2(mg S2-/l)
Not to be detected
Not to be detected
Ammonium ion NH4+ (mg NH4+/l)
1.0 or less
0.1 or less
 Residual chlorine (mg C1/l)
0.3 or less
0.3 or less
 Isolation carbon (mg CO2/l)
4.0 or less
4.0 or less
Stability exponent

1 Standard for cooling water (circulating water).
2 "○" indicates the item marked is a strong influential factor to from corrosion or scale.
3 The 15 items listed are the major factors having tendency for forming corrosion or scale.
4 Name and unit of each item is in conformity of that of JIS code K0101.  Acid-consumption is also referred to as total alkalinity, or M-alkalinity.
5 Make-up water is referred to be as the water supplied to cooling tower, not including transitory water.  

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