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Overseas sales manager
Job responsibilities:
1、Responsible for the annual sales targets
2、In charge of overseas sales team personnel planning, recruitment, teaching, training, management, etc
3、According to the companys sales development strategy and product characteristics, to establish and perfect the system of the overseas sales;
4、Set up different levels of overseas business customer relationship, maintain good relationship with overseas customers, and provide service support to customers, improve customer satisfaction;
5、Responsible for the overseas exhibition or other promotional ways of digging and the actual operation;
Job specification:
1、In science and engineering related professional bachelor degree or above;
2、8 years of sales experience in industrial equipment, including 3-5 years sales experience in overseas markets
3、Fluent English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and other languages is preferred
4、Familiar with AUTOCAD operation, can draw industrial drawings according to requirements;
5、Understand the overseas market development and channel construction, familiar with foreign trade process, can separate documentary;
6、Familiar with cooling tower structure structure, principle, the principle of refrigeration system, water system, thermal power, etc, and can be flexible application and interpretation;
7、Work a strong sense of responsibility, able to actively participate in the company development, and connecting with the actual work for the company, and to provide feasible Suggestions.
Area sales manager
Job responsibilities:
1、Responsible for the area of information gathering, market development and customer business approach;
2、Implement the project responsibility system, responsible for the project to manage the whole tracking;
3、Complete the annual sales target;
Job specification:
1、College or above major in science technology;
2、Sensitive to market information, good at analysis and solve problems;
3、Good language expression and coordination ability;
4、Positive, motivated, patient, have enthusiasm for work;
5、To travel on a short term;
6、Industry work experience is preferred;
Technical engineers
Job responsibilities:
1、Provide technical support for the sales staff to achieve sales performance,;
2、Assist sales staff to finish product selection/quotation/drawings and other technical services;
3、Responsible for making and cooperate with tender;
4、Responsible for the customer pre-sale technical assistance and guidance;
5、Responsible for internal staff product knowledge and professional technical training;
Job specification:
1、Heat energy, refrigeration, hvac related professional college or above;
2、Proficient in AUTOCAD drawing software such as;
3、Work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, good team cooperation and coordination, communication ability
4、Familiar with the working principle of various cooling equipment is preferred


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