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  Notes oF cooling maintenance 
 1)Blower of the V-belt in the initial run-time may slightly elongate, please adjust the essentials, appropriate adjustments, if too tightly closed, bearing will be damage, and caused the accident.
 2)Please clean the upper part scattered water holes sink, the lower part sink filters,and so on,monthly.
 3)release the belt, refuel Blower bearing and cover motor when work. In the initial run-time to determine the belt elastic, locking nut, and refuel the blower bearing, confirm whether there are birds nest, or foreign body in tower, and then switched.
 4)exchange the recycled water At least twice a year. 
 5)Recycled water evaporated will leave dissolved in water, so that the water concentration will increases, water concentrated will increase corrosion resistance and scale, so that the cooling towers capacity will reduce, piping and equipment damage. In order to prevent this situation, proposed release part of the of recycled water.
 ①Open the Drain valve a bit when work (when stop running ,please turn off the drain valve)
 ②Cleaning the lower part of the water tank regularly
 ③make the water level rose when run so often spillway
 ④assemble automatic Change water device 

 1)Before  operation you need to read the operation and maintenance manuals, please comply with the prohibitions, operating essentials.
 2)Don’t  enter the cooling tower absolutely when Run. Don’t have to climb the upper part of tower. 
 3)Blower run-time, never touching blower.
 4)Antifreeze heater will heat, please do not touch it. 
 5)Please do not drink the water of cooling tower ,if it into the eyes rinse immediately. After the operation, please mouthwash, wash your hands. 
 6)Tower ministries posted with warning labels, please comply with the contents of record labels.

   After sales service

Telephone visit
Tyacht will have regular telephone visit to each customer, a return visit staff are professional trained.
Return visit to the content, including:
1)Whether the effect of the cooling tower meets the need of user.
2)Equipment operation status is stalely, the noise level is excessive, bleaching water is normal water consumption
3)The device is the use of fault.
4)Equipment winter antifreeze recommended.

With special problems for customers, tyacht will be sorted out solutions in the short term (3-5 days), make a written answer.Tyacht believes, excellent after-sales service is the key to both sides of long-term cooperation.

Logistic maintenance
For all equipment, Tyacht provided free maintenance period of 12 months, and provide a lifetime warranty. Tyacht will arrange 4-5 emergency service personnel responsible for emergency maintenance, to ensure the general maintenance schedule emergency maintenance work
Tyacht provide four hours of instant response service commitment in response to the site within 24 hours of maintenance, equipment parts field replaceable commitment to be completed within 2 days. Parts will be serviced timely and get insurance.
Tyacht has a supply of spare parts warehouse in Shanghai, in order to protect the consumables and other accessories can be replaced in time, to prepare for contingencies.
After repairing, maintenance staff will teach routine maintenance work to the user as a preventive measure. Fundamentally eliminate, reduce the use of incorrect behavior, blocking the source as much as possible to avoid the emergence of unit failure to ensure that the users normal use.

Data presented
In order to ensure the users device can be long-term normal use Tyacht will provide a free technical data for users on a regular.
Data content includes
1)Equipment repair and maintenance manual.
2)Equipment winter antifreeze instructions.
3)Equipment use instructions.

Users can call on Tyacht sales service hotline to get related information.

Shanghai tyacht maintained the effect of training and quality and responsible attitude, and technical personnel appointed to have rich experience, and provide the owners of a training data per person. (the owners to participate in the training of personnel should have the corresponding basis technology)

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