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CTI Association and Certification 

CTI Certification - American Cooling Technology Research Association founded CTI certified cooling tower, according to STD-201 - certification standards for production line thermal performance, and ATC-105 - testing standards for cooling tower thermal performance. 
CTI Certification Procedure 
1, CTI work at thermodynamic calculation for all types technical data which provided by declaring enterprise, the result should all meet the requirements. 
2, Select any type from above, to be field testing thermal performance by certified test engineers from an independent and professional testing agencies, who should be appointed by CTI (according to ATC-105, testing instruments provided by CTI). 
3, After test approval, all models of this series of cooling towers awarded certification by CTI, and information will be published on the CTI (www.cti.org) website. 
Enterprises acquired CTI certification should accept supervision as follows 
1, Retest once a year, field tests for any other models of this series; 
2, All technical data and certified series, the models published on the CTI website, and links to declaring enterprise websites from CTI website. All data from CTI website, declaring enterprise websites, corporate sales data and field test engineers must keep consistent. 
3, CTI certified company information will be sent to all other certified companies, accept their supervision. 

 CTI certified Tyacht cooling tower - closed cross-flow cooling tower (TCC) 


 download attachments:TCC Design Info and Thermal Selection

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