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 The LOGO’s meaning

T and red sail:Time, Team, Technology.
The Wheel (instead of English) is cleaving through the waves in the instigation of sail, and forwarding to distance. The whole logo expressed " Heading to the sea in full sail , braving the wind and the waves! " meaningful and is also the  embodiment of 3T spirit of us.

The colors of red and blue, respectively, express our cool reason and warm passion, which is precisely the necessary qualities for a mature, responsible, and sense of mission enterprise.

 Core values

1)With the development of advanced technology, provide customers with quality products and perfect customer service system, and ensure that product performance meets the protection of the environment, save resources and sustainable development requirements.

2) Create a comfortable and harmonious working environment for employees, Pay attention to the needs of individual career development, and provide the space of sustainable development for staff.

3)Actively feedback in social welfare undertakings, the establishment of Tyacht scholarships helps nurture talent for the industry.

 Operation Principle 

1) Improve the production efficiency, on promises to To ensure product quality while reducing production cycle.

2) Ask each employee to take responsibility for work and do before customer.
1) Enterprise respects personal interest and achievements, and regularly organize professional quality training.

2) In the work, the company emphasized that staff should be mutual benefit, united, and has the service cooperation and dedication.
1)To explore new markets actively, to research advanced technology and to culture top technical talent.

2)Our technical staff is: has the high personal qualities, a strong desire to achieve self-worth of work with high creativity and autonomy.


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