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1、 [Products] TCI

Operation Principle:Cross-flow air inlet structure, with high quality wood filler and water spray density, better cooling ventilation condition.

Application:Unique Wood material have large heat dissipation, Widely used in cooling poor water quality circumstances, can satisfy the working flow of greater.

2、 [Products] TAI

Principle:Countercurrent air intake structure, Contact heat transfer efficiency is higher.

Application:TAI series is widely used especially in the cases of large water volume and limited space.And the frame of cooling tower can be designed with wood, steel (galvanized or stainless steel) or reinforced concrete structure.

3、 [Products] TAE

Principle:Modular design for heat exchanger without packing , the lower part of the condenser is surrounded by inlet air and form a reverse convection with spray water. High pressure and high temperature withstand ability.

Scope of Application:Compact structure, small models can be placed in workshop. Larger heat exchange surface, more suitable for smaller temperature differences and low-temperature (35-30 ℃) cooling projects 

4、 [Products] TME

Principle:On the top of cooling tower is heat exchanger, and below is the packing section, with air-inlet on the two sides of tower. While inner loop water cooling, ensure that the thermal cycling of the outer loop water.

Scope of Application:Mixed-flow evaporative condenser keeps the temperature of fluid close to the air wet bulb, which is more suitable for cooling a high temperature (more than 80 ℃) or large temperature difference(60-35 ℃) projects.

5、 [Products] TCC

Principle:With a layer of a layer of filler in the form of a copper coil, external spray water heat retention keep longer, also ensure equal film of water outer coil. Air inlet with two whole side enlarge the air flow rate, to lower inside fluid temperature by taking away evaporated wet air while airflow cross over heat exchanger .

Application:Applicable to a wide temperature range surroundings , where require little noise, installation for conditional vertical space, It is advisable to parallel combine cooling tower groups with various cooling water, energy consumption is relatively low.


6、 [Products] TAC

Principle:Wind from all sides of the lower part of the tower , with the atomized spray water to form reverse convection, to cool heat exchanger through taking away evaporated heat and wet air by axial fan.

Application:compact structure, small machine, It can be placed in the workshop and used for cooling medium frequency power supply, mechanical water jacket cooling and so on. Unit of large heat transfer area and strong antifreeze ability is therefore more suitable for small difference in temperature of low temperature cooling project (35-30 ℃).

7、 [Products] TMC

Principle:Hot fluid medium come into the tower coil, heat transfer through the wall of the tube to spray water; while air from the upper inlet grill, passing down the outer surface of the coil. Some of the spray water evaporated away, some of that did not evaporate fall down the bottom of the sink and meanwhile cool down when falling through the PVC heat exchanger. Water in the tank will be pumped to the water distribution system, and then sprayed onto the outer surface of the coil.

Application:TMC is suitable for high temperature (about 70 ~ 80 ℃) or larger temperature difference (60-35 ℃) projects with filling separating from coils. But energy consumption is relatively high.

8、 [Products] TCT

Operation principle:The tower body left and right sides as the cooling area, Cooling tower cooling from both sides, intermediate region as wind hole, The wind sweeps the filler

Application:High heat exchange efficiency, low cost, wide range of application flow. Ultra low noise, low noise, energy saving low noise cooling tower can meet the different noise requirements

9、 [Products] TAT

Operation Principle
Filler on the upper part of the tower body.Air from bottom inlet to form countercurrent with falling cooling water.

Counterflow Round Tower with high heat transfer efficiency, low cost. Applicable to the working conditions that small difference of inlet and outlet water temperature difference, and low flow.

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