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    Pre-sales consulting
Designers will dwell with customers , understand customer needs , customer demand in the use of the problems faced by them and so on, according to the customer s answer and the intention to make the most reasonable answer. If the customer needs information in writing , design staff will collect information about customer needs after finishing up a complete design solution delivered to the customer .


    Program design
Program design information , including but not limited to the following:
A ) provide equipment commissioning and trial operation manual.
2 ) to provide equipment technical specification .
3 ) to provide basic equipment installation drawings , device dimensions drawings , site layout drawings.
4 ) to provide descriptive information device profile , the content includes : the structural characteristics of the device , process requirements , the use of fields.


  Technical communion
Designers and owners Institute will actively cooperate with the work from the projects actual situation, put forward reasonable suggestions. Moreover, according to customer needs to provide relevant technical documents, according to customer requirements for program improvement , in a very warm and responsibility to provide customers with the most satisfactory solution.


  Contract signing
The two sides reached a cooperation agreement after signing the contract .


  Manufacture and inspect
Ting Ya there is a detailed, implementation of quality assurance programs. The plan includes a written procedure : it ensures a cooling tower design, manufacture, installation, inspection and testing in order to achieve adequate control quality requirements of owners .


  Install and debug
Ting Ya technical services for all participating personnel rigorous selection , and only highly qualified and experienced personnel with extensive service to be eligible to enter the service team. Service teams to the scene with the device to provide installation instructions.
Ting Ya order for the equipment safely and put into operation , will send highly qualified and have extensive practical experience in project managers and technical personnel to the scene along with the owners manual strictly according to debug debug , and make a debug log ; responsible for the timely resolution of installation debugging problems .


  Operation training
Acceptance of the equipment during the Ting Ya technical staff responsible for the Owner for equipment operation and maintenance technician training . The training includes : equipment operation, inspection and routine mechanical, electrical maintenance, etc. , and to the owner and technical personnel can operate independently of equipment, maintenance equipment . Ting Ya maintain the effectiveness and quality of the training and responsible attitude, to appoint the technical staff have a wealth of experience in providing training to the owner information .


  After-sale services
1 Telephone interviews
Ting Ya served for each user will have a regular telephone interviews , returning officers have received specialized training . Visit include:
A ) whether the effect of cooling equipment to meet customer needs .
2 ) equipment operation status is steady, the noise value is exceeded, the leaching water consumption is normal and so on.
3 ) whether the device is the use of fault .
4 ) Equipment winter frost recommendations.

2 Logistics maintenance
Ting Ya All devices provide 12 months of free maintenance period , and provides a lifetime warranty . Company to arrange a 4-5 emergency service personnel , responsible for emergency repairs to ensure that the solution outside the general maintenance schedule emergency maintenance work.
Ting Ya immediate response service to provide four hours , promised to respond within 24 hours to the scene to repair, promised two days to complete the equipment components field replaceable. Parts timely protection.
Ting Ya has a supply of spare parts warehouse in Shanghai , in order to protect consumables and other accessories to be replaced , to prepare for contingencies .
Fault repair , maintenance personnel to do routine maintenance work on the user s training as a preventive measure . Fundamentally eliminate , reduce the use of an incorrect behavior , blocking the source as possible to avoid the emergence of unit failure to ensure that the users normal use.

3 Data presented
Ting Ya To ensure the long-term normal users device can be used for users on a regular basis to provide a free technical information. Data content includes :
1 ) equipment maintenance manuals .
2 ) Equipment winter frost instructions.
3 ) manual of the equipment .
Users can dial the relevant information Haiting Ya sales service hotline Request


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