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Tyacht cooling equipment is widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel, automotive, foundry, nuclear power plants, power plants, glass manufacturing, IT factories, food and other fields, and air withered systems, induction furnace, continuous casting equipment, mold, glass melting furnace, air compressors, injection molding machines, welding equipment, painting equipment and other facilities, and to partners in various fields to provide professional technical support and services.

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Tyacht Temperature Control Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd is one of first batch engineering company at the temperature control project in the domestic. Since its inception, the core business has focused on temperature control engineering, specific including engineering design, system integration, construction and maintenance and other comprehensive solution. Tyacht Temperature Control Co.,Ltd has always been adhering to business philosophy of "solution + product + service", for tailors stable and efficient product, at the same time, also provides professional technical support and service.

In recent years, the company has finished internal resource integration and optimization,we have established an experienced professional engineering team at system design, automation design and construction, which can customize process temperature control scheme according to customer's specific needs.

As the standardized temperature control module can be processed, assembled and tested in the factory, therefore, we can provide customers with stable reliable water system equipment, at the same time, maximize to save space, time and cost of construction for customers. 

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