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 Precaution in run & installation

1. Cooling tower foundation set points
1) The basic part of the cooling tower at the same level. The basic level is a bit low places, please use the shim adjustment.
2) Connection type and complex ventricular occasion, please make sure the room is no gap.
3) Cooling tower foundation, please fix, locking bolt. Trial operation, please confirm whether the foundation bolt lock. On the basis of a steel frame, please bolt locking steel frame
4) A shockproof device, confirmation basis or frame and the damping device and cooling towers are locking. And the way to confirm with shock-proof device manual assembly.


2. Precaution about piping, pump
1)In the connecting piping, please dont tilt correction piping to the force and deformation of cooling tower body or interface. When Piping, please never processing cooling tower parts. Otherwise it will affect the structural strength of the cooling tower

2)Piping, valves should be installed in the cooling tower operation below water level, otherwise the start of operation, exposed to the air, and stopped running, will generate overflow water.

3)With a cooling tower connecting joint as far as possible the use of flexible joint, so that only piping vibration and will not affect the cooling tower.

4) Please assemble valve in the piping. This can easily clean the cooling tower, also can be in when the operation is stopped, the antifreezing measures. In order to make operation convenient, please do not the valve assembly of the cooling tower below.

5)Considering the installation, should have sufficient lift of pump, should consider the pressure loss of cooling coil pipeand and pressure loss along the path.

6)The interface flange design pressure of fluid cooling to 1Mpa, all piping shall be considered hanger or support


3. Precaution in test operation
1)Motor run the direction of the arrow marked by the blower to wiring.
2) Please confirm the switch, fuse, wiring whether the capacity of motor. Single-phase operation will burn out the motor, we recommend the use of over current protector.

3) Circulating pump first before running, in the pump is stopped, the water filling pipe. Open valve, start the pump, slowly open the valve. If the valve is opened to start the pump, the impact of water will damage the cooling tower of the product. Pay attention to the water level lower tank operation, until all the pipe full of water. The use of make-up water inlet, the lower water tank water level until the operation stability, can run. At this time, please pay attention not to let the filter net inhaled air. use the water meter measuring operation water level, and the angle adjusting water flow regulating valve. If have load ,start the pump load, and began cycle, after the load. If the load is added in the water is not stable, will lead to abnormal high entrance water temperature.

4) The upper part of the water tank imbalance will cause insufficient cooling capacity, please level water distribution valve or pipe valve to regulate the water tank.

5) Please adjust the float valve to the operating level.

6) With anti-freeze heater case, please pay attention not to air heating cause fire.
7) Leave the welding slag when plumbing, cut tube iron on the refrigerator brass is very adverse, causes the deterioration of the water quality in the trial operation period, please clean the pipe.

8) The use of closed type cooling tower of the occasion, circulating water pipe is sealed pipe, in order to be able to withstand the expansion pipe water, please set the expansion tank, pressure tank is below 0.49MPa.

9) Closed cooling tower pump, and then power in the hands of rotary.
Other, please operate according to the cooling tower repair and maintenance manual.


 Operation in winter with the outside temperature drops, current ratio, current of air blower motor increases, please pay attention to antifreeze.

1) The water temperature can not rise to high temperature.

2)In order to prevent the air heating, please confirm whether the electric heater heating partially immersed in water, and then power. Recommend the use of water level alarm and detection switch.

3)The other method for using electric heater, after please refer to the「cooling towers to prevent freezing operating instructions」use.

4)Anti-freezing circulating water in the circulating water by adding a little antifreeze. According to the type and consistence, cooling tower performance may change, please pay attention to when selected

5) Due to water leakage and other reasons, will result in lower concentration of antifreeze, check regularly concentration, if necessary please add..

6) Lets keep circulating water heat load, guarantee the circulating water temperature not lower than 7 ℃ (south area of not less than 3 degrees can be), in order to ensure the heat load, usually in piping system set the bypass pipe with electric heater; while maintaining the circulating water closed system with minimum flow.

7) Water pipe antifreeze: in order to ensure the outdoor water pipe and return pipe can normal working in winter, It need keep warm these pipelines, generally for tracing the electric wire with temperature control device, the hotline outsourcing does not absorb water heat insulation materials (such as flame retardant poly styrene).

8) Need to emptying circulating water in winter stop operation, prevent freezing, frost coil. Water please open the bleeder valve, easy water up.


   In the sale of services
Installation guide

Shanghai tyacht strict selection of all staff to participate in the technical services, only the high quality and rich service experience of personnel are eligible to enter the service team. Service team with the equipment to provide on-site installation guide, Shanghai tyacht will according to the actual situation of each project, the preparation of a special installation and acceptance standard of review documents for the owners, the owners confirmed, Shanghai t-yacht will strictly according to the installation instructions and acceptance criteria for installation and cooperate with the inspection work.

In addition Shanghai t-yacht has a documented, but the implementation of the quality assurance plan. The plan includes a written procedure: it can ensure that the establishment of a design, manufacture, installation inspection and testing of the cooling tower sufficient control to achieve the quality requirements of owners.

Shanghai t-yacht in order to make the equipment safety, normal operation, will send a high-quality and project managers and technicians with rich experience to live together with the owners in strict accordance with the commissioning manual debugging, and record the process; responsible for the timely resolution of problems in installation and debugging.

Shanghai tyacht Field service personnel have the following qualifications:
1)To observe the law, abide by the rules and regulations.
2) There is a strong sense of responsibility and enterprise and on time.
3) To understand the design of contract equipment, be familiar with the structure, work experience in the field is the same or similar device, can correctly guide
4) The health of the body, to adapt on-site working conditions.
Shanghai tyacht for found at the scene debugging process of any non-compliance with the user requirements of the products or components, free repair or replacement within the specified time.

The use of training
In the acceptance of equipment during the period, Shanghai tyacht technical staff responsible for equipment operation and repair of owners technical staff training. The training content includes: equipment operation, inspection and routine mechanical, electrical maintenance, and make the owners technicians can independently operate equipment, repair equipment.

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