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Related Equipment for Temperature Control

1.Water transport module 

Main device

Pumps, Valves, Filters, Water tanks, Electrical control cabinet, etc

Device Function

Water transporting module transports the chilled water, cooling water and hot water, mainly used in ground source heat pump, air source heat pump, air cooling module and large air conditioning and other systems, design personnel according to the actual needs of circulating water, equip with pumps, valves, automatic filling water, pass filter components, system components and control components, modules processed and integrated in our internal factory can save space, installation time and provide reliable performance, etc.


2.Water treatment equipment

Main device

Water softening equipment, Filtration equipment, Chemicals dosing equipment, etc.

Device Function
Among them, the function of water softening equipment is early softening water quality, avoiding heat exchanger fouling, and making system to keep high heat transfer efficiency. The two roles of dosing medicine device: avoiding corrosive bacteria within the circulatory system; eliminating pipe internal incrustation, etc. Consequently, the life of the equipment is largely extended.

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