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the new member of Tyacht‘s Scholarship

December 28, 2012, Shanghai Tyacht Cooling System Co., Ltd. and Shanghai University of Engineering Science signed the 2013 Tyacht in Mechanical Engineering and Technology set up a "Tyacht Scholarship", "Tyacht grants", "Tyacht production Gakken strategic base "and other related cooperation .on the Tyacht chairman Mr. Ling went to school to sign the agreement and made a speech. Shanghai Engineering Technology University President Mr. Ding Xiaodong personally received Tyacht chairman, after the two sides on how to carry out the work were discussed in depth. Shanghai University of Engineering Science Xiaoxueshengchu Director Xu, Mechanical Engineering, Party branch secretary Liu Mu congregation, deputy secretary Zhu Pei, vice president Xu Teng hillock jointly attended the signing ceremony.

Tyacht annually starting in 2013 at the Shanghai University of Engineering Science Mechanical Engineering held "Tyacht Scholarship" event time, "Tyacht grants" donor number, and each year for the industry, technology and large provide students with experiential learning opportunities for students entering social basis.

Tyacht awards, grants since its inception in 2007, has, and Shanghai University, Shanghai Ocean University, Tongji University, Shanghai University and other university cooperation. "Tyacht grants" to support those in school or the student's own family members during an accident, illness or other special circumstances, resulting in students from economically disadvantaged families, helping them to feel at ease, successfully complete their studies. "Tyacht Scholarship" aims to guide college students to learn professional knowledge at the same time, pay more attention to innovation and practice, I hope the students to better understand themselves and to show themselves and to explore their own potential, a clear personal development plan, these students for their own development and future careers, employment is very valuable.


Figure 1:Unveiling Ceremony
Figure 2: Group photo

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