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Tyacht won the bid for Xuzhou Tiekuang Group

March 29, 2013,Tyacht won the bid Xuzhou Mine Group Co., Ltd. short process foundry casting production line. The project was February 26, 2013 public tender, the project is located in Xuzhou City, Copper Mountain Liguo town, with a total investment of about 300 million yuan, after the completion of an annual output of 200,000 tons castings.
Tyacht as the project contractor cooling tower equipment, the project will provide five square countercurrent open counter flow cooling tower TAT series. Through this cooperation, Tyacht expectations and establish long-term iron ore Xuzhou good relations of cooperation, and strive for more projects in close cooperation.
Tyacht in the steel industry has a large number of partners, with high quality, high performance products, professional technical team, conscientious sales service has won many customers of all ages.

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